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2012 Sale Bulls available now

Romagnola Beef Genetics 2012 sale bulls are now available for inspection. We will offer 80 paddock prepared bulls for private sale representing the best of our genetics. All bulls are fully vaccinated and semen tested.
Bulls are available for inspection and will be drafted into price ranges with discounts available for bulk purchases. Delivery can be arranged to most areas at mimimal (if any) cost.
Click here to check out a selection of our current sale bulls

Brahmagnola bulls

Our Brahmagnola bull breeding program has progressed to the stage where we have a number of 1/2 and 3/4 Romagnola/Brahman bulls in our current sale bulls. We have used only top shelf Brahman genetics over some of our best cows to produce bulls with more Bos Indicus content while maintaining the power and muscularity of the Romagnola breed. These higher brahman content bulls are in addition to the large number of 7/8 Romagnola bulls we have been selling for many years.
Click here to check out a selection of our current Brahmagnola sale bulls

2012 Show Ring Success

Romagnola Beef Genetics have had another great year in the show-ring taking home both grand champion doubles at Beef Australia 2012 and The Royal National Association Brisbane Ekka.
We still believe the show-ring provides a valuable shop front for our bull breeding operation and gives us an opportunity to showcase emerging genetics that will flow through to our sale bulls in coming years.
Click here for more show results, photos and information

Imported Italian Sires

Our latest importation of genetics from Italy is coming to fruition with calves now on the ground by these new bulls. We are the only Australian Romagnola breeders currently importing new genetics from abroad and believe these new sires will provide added genetic diversity to allow us to stay ahead of the game as leading seedstock producers. Romagnola Beef Genetics have been sourcing the best Romagnola genetics in the world and producing and selecting them under Australian conditions for over 20 years. Click on each bull's name to view more information on Fred, Franklin, Friar Tuck and Ferrari.

Why Romagnola?

Romagnola Beef Cattle originate in Italy and are the only European breed with a Bos Indicus ancestry. This unique heritage makes them an ideal animal for cross breeding in Australia. Aside from the adaptability and ability to thrive under tough conditions, the Romagnola has been selected for eating quality by the food loving Italians for centuries making them an ideal sire for crossbreeding programs over both British and Bos Indicus cows to improve eating quality.
Click here for more info on crossbreeding with Romagnolas

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