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Show Results

Beef Australia 2015
Hamilton Park Jimmy Choo
Grand Champion Romagnola Bull
Beef Australia 2015
Remus Harriett
Grand Champion Romagnola female
Beef Australia 2015
What a fabulous week we had at Beef 2015 in Rockhampton.
Matt and Anna were assisted by our “A Team stud grooms” Emily and Sam as we worked between our Trade Site and Show team.
We had 6 Eskimo Joe sons and 1 Agar son, all aged between 15 and 20 months on the Trade Site. The benefit of having this site as well as the show team was that people could see how we presented our sale bulls: light preparation, fleshy and thick with great temperaments. Five bulls were sold off the site from Cloncurry in the north through to the Central QLD coast. Whilst the showing schedule kept us away from the site Wednesday and Thursday we really enjoyed catching up with mates we have made through our involvement in the Beef Industry. There was always someone to “have a beer with”!
The RBG show team had a great day out under Romagnola breed judge Mr Reade Radel, Kandoona Brahman Stud, Injune. There were 24 head entered for judging from 4 studs and the standard was high across the board. For RBG, judging started with a class win and Calf Champion award to 14 month old Galliano daughter “Katy Perry”. Her best mate “Jean” by Eskimo Joe won her class as well and was sashed Junior Champion heifer at 16 months. To make it an RBG triple header for Grand Champion Female, 38 month old Eskimo Joe daughter “Harriet” took out the Senior Champion award from her stablemate “Giselle” and strapping heifer calf “Kit Kat”. “Harriet” had a 3 week old “Zorro” bull calf “Lex” at foot, which made him bred in the purple for a Beef Expo. “Harriet” was the calf at foot on Duchess, our Beef 2012 Grand Champion cow and her sire Eskimo Joe had his last show outing there for a Grand Champion bull win. “Lex’s” Dad Zorro was a Padrone son who finished in the Top 6 Interbreed Bulls at Beef 2006. He was purchased at that Expo by Paul and Linda Oates. We have been using some Zorro semen very successfully since. Judge Mr Radel commented on the evenness of the three RBG females however he said it was the eye catching femininity of “Harriet” which earned her the tri-colour ribbon over her two young stablemates.
The bull section was hotly contested and RBG was very excited when their four bulls were all class winners under Mr Radel’s astute eye. Fourteen month old Eskimo Joe powerhouse “Kimba” is a chip off the old block! We think a great deal of him as he displays all the bone and muscle people expect of the Romagnola as well as a beautiful outlook with loose skin and flank. He was Sashed Calf Champion bull and came up against fellow RBG junior sire “Jimmy Choo” for Grand Champion bull. “Jimmy Choo” is one of the first Fletcher sons and as Mr Radel said he “just keeps pulling you back to him” as he awarded him Junior Champion Bull ahead of another RBG junior, “Jethro”! Weighing in at 778kgs, “Jimmy Choo” has a great carcase, a tonne of class and an impeccable temperament in a structure which would allow him to live anywhere. “Jethro” and RBG’s other junior class winner “Just Rooster” are both sired by Fairfax and were praised for their softness and correctness.
RBG did not have a Senior bull, so “Jimmy Choo” and “Kimba” came up against an impressive big Carrie Downs sire exhibited by Peter Turner when it came time for Mr Radel to choose his Grand Champion Romagnola bull. In choosing 16 month old “Jimmy Choo”, Mr Radel commented on his great temperament and said he was just better in all areas and he could not go past him.
RBG then took out the coveted Breeders Group award with a team led by matron “Harriet”.

RBG will offer both “Kimba” and “Jimmy Choo” for sale once their show career is completed. This will be a very special opportunity for bull breeders as we believe these two bulls are the most complete bulls we will have ever offered and certainly two of the best Romagnola bulls we have seen offered for sale world-wide.

Brisbane Ekka 2013
Fletcher, Champion Romagnola bull Brisbane 2013
Harriett, Champion Romagnola female Brisbane 2013
Leading Limousin breeder Scott Meyers appeared very taken with the small yet quality line-up of Romagnola cattle paraded before him on August 9. When commenting on his 4 champions Mr Myers congratulated RBG on an impressive team who combined correct structure with softness, smoothness and eye-appeal.
Hamilton Park Greta, with her 7 month old Gigolo bull calf, was sashed Reserve champion cow to 18 month old team mate Harriet who completed a sensational showing year with yet another Champion female award. Mr Myers noted Greta's fertilty, calving at 23 months and managing to maintain both herself and her hefty son. When deciding between Greta and Harriet, Mr Myers said it came down to who he would take home and he said the style and character of Harriet placed her over the cow.
Hamilton Park Gringo and Fletcher competed in the Senior Male class with the 2 Cougar sons causing Mr Myers to take some time to deliberate. Length, style and fleshing are evident in both bulls however the ability Fletcher has to glide around the ring at 1152kg saw him sashed Champion Romagnola bull over his 23 month old stable-mate. Due to the passing of Cougar last year, Fletcher has been retained for stud duties however Gringo will be available for sale this season. Click here for Gringo sale details

Roma Show 2013
Roma Show has always been a hotly contested competition and the 2013 event was no exception. With 160 head of cattle competing in 3 rings (European, Bos Indicus and British) it is exciting to take home a class ribbon let alone a broad. Team RBG took 5 head and had a wonderful day under the watchful eye of Simmental breeder Scott York. Eskimo Joe daughter "Harriet" won heifer 15-18 months, junior champion European heifer and went on to be sashed Interbreed Junior female. Mr York said that she was the type of heifer that not only the European breeder but all breeders would like to have in their herd. He said she soft, correct and classy and could not fault her.
The very feminine Agar daughter "Greta" and her thumping 3 month old bull calf "Jiggle" (by Gigolo) won the first Senior cow class and was sashed Senior Champion European cow against some very tough competition. Greta is doing a great job on her young son and exudes the femininity of her Caronte mother.
29 month old Cougar son "Fletcher" weighed in at 1035 kgs and drew much favorable comment from the crowd and the judge for his agility, softness and sire power. He won his class and stood Reserve Senior Champion European bull to the eventual Supreme Exhibit of the Show.

Central Highlands Circuit 2013
At short notice, Romagnola Beef Genetics made the trip 4 hours north to compete at the Central Highlands shows of Springsure and Emerald. They were a joy to attend and a big thank you to the Springsure and Emerald Show Societies for wonderfully run events.
Livestock buyer and stud breeder Matthew Noakes presided over the stud cattle ring in Springsure. He was presented with a number of large classes which were keenly contested.
Harriet continued on from her Roma success taking home the dual title of Junior Champion and Grand Champion Bos Taurus female. Mr Noakes said that he had not felt this way about a female since he first saw his wife! Quite simply he said "she is beautiful"!
On her way to the top, "Harriet" knocked out her stablemate "Greta" who won her senior class and was sashed Senior Champion Bos Taurus cow. "Greta" was described as a very functional, correct cow doing a great job on her 4 month old bull calf "Jiggle".
Fletcher once again grabbed everyone's attention when he came in to contest the Senior bull class. When sashing Fletcher
the Senior Champion Bos Taurus Bull, Mr Noakes commented on the bull's capacity, style and softness. Fletcher was then awarded the Bos Taurus Grand Champion bull.
Team RBG capped the day off with the Interbreed Exhibitors Group award as well as Most Successful Exhibitor of Springsure Show.
Emerald Show was conducted under the watchful eye of Santa Gertrudis breeder Craig Atkinson from Cardona stud. Once again Harriet climbed to Bos Taurus Grand Champion female which was a wonderful result for a 15 month old heifer. Greta and Jiggle were sashed Senior Champion Bos Taurus female to make it an all Romagnola Beef Genetics championship.
In the male judging, Cougar son Gringo, stood 2nd in Class 18-21 months to the eventual Champion Male exhibit of the Show and was sashed Reserve Champion Junior Bos Taurus bull. Mr Atkinson said he was a correct bull who will make a real sire.
Multi-award winner Fletcher was again sashed Senior Champion Bos Taurus bull with Mr Atkinson commenting on his softness and agility for a big bull.
The Interbreed competition was judged under lights that night and Romagnola Beef Genetics very proudly accepted the Breeders Group award for the 2nd show in a row.

Ekka 2012 Success

Gigolo Ekka 2012
Duchess and Harriet Ekka 2012
Romagnola Beef Genetics continued their domination of Romagnola stud beef judging at the Royal National Association, Brisbane "Ekka", taking home the coveted Grand Champion bull and female trophies for the 4th time in the last 5 years. Matt and Anna Ahern have taken home the Grand Champion double every year since 2008 except in 2010 when they decided to have a break from the show ring.
Anna Ahern still believes the show ring provides a valuable "shop front" for their breeding program and allows their cattle to be marketed to a wider audience while allowing them to be compared to other cattle of different breeds.
"Beef producers have such a wide selection of breeds and genetics available to them now and shows like the "Ekka" provide an opportunity to see them all in one place to assess what cattle will best suit their requirments", she said. "It is also an opportunity for us to market our industry to our city consumers of beef products and this is so important as their can be negative perceptions from those who have not been exposed to our production systems".
Grand Champion Romagnola bull of the 2012 Brisbane Ekka was Remus Gigolo (pictured left). "Gigolo" is by imported Italian sire Cesare who is having a huge impact on our herd through his now deceased son Cougar who sired our senior and reserve champion bull, Fletcher.
Romagnola judge, Ross Milner, Yeppoon described the decsion to split Gigolo and Fletcher as one of the most difficult he has made in over 20 years of judging cattle but he went with the performance of "Gigolo" who is heavier with similar fat and muscle scans while nearly 3 months younger. "Gigolo" is out of our award winning Ergum show cow, "Duchess" who was crowned senior and Grand Champion Romagnola female for the second year in a row. "Duchess" was shown with a magnificent heifer calf at foot by our Beef 2012 and 2011 Ekka Grand Champion bull, "Eskimo Joe" who has commenced stud duties at "Bulala".

Beef 2012 Success
Romagnola Beef Genetics dominated the Romagnola judging at Beef Australia 2012 taking home both Grand Champion male and female exhibits for the third time in a row. RBG also exhibited the breeders group as well as Senior Champion male and female and junior champion male and female awards.
2011 Show Sucess

Matt and Anna Ahern, Romagnola Beef Genetics, Roma have capped off a successful show season in 2011 with another double Grand Champion effort at the recent Brisbane Exhibition.

Remus Duchess - Grand Champion Romagnola Cow Ekka 2011
Remus Duchess (left) by Ergum with her strapping bull calf at foot by Cesare was awarded the Grand Champion female sash. Duchess went on to be ranked 10th overall in the Interbeed Female competition. New RBG sire, Eskimo Joe by Zivkovic was awarded the Grand Champion bull award to secure the double for the Roma stud. The Romagnola Beef Genetics team were praised by judge, Don McConnell, Mt Brisbane, Esk for their overall softness and early maturity. It is the 3rd time in 4 years that the Ahern's exhibited the Ekka double after having a year away from the show ring in 2010.
RBG repeats Ekka Grand Champion double

Matt and Anna Ahern, Romagnola Beef Genetics repeated their Ekka Grand Championship double from 2008 with another dominant performance in the Romagnola judging taking home both Grand Champion Romagnola bull and female broad ribbons. The Ahern's also showed the junior champion bull and heifer capping off a successful 2009 Brisbane Exhibition for the stud.

RBG dominates at Beef 2009

Hamilton Park Cheesecake
Grand Champion Romagnola Female Beef 2009
Romagnola Beef Genetics dominated a strong showing of Romagnola cattle at Beef Australia 2009 taking home both Grand Champion male and female awards

Central Queensland cattleman John Burnett and his associate Leonie George from Dundee Romagnolas, had an extremely strong line up of Romagnolas from which to choose their Beef 2009 champions.

Ekka Grand Champion Double for RBG

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Remus Cointreau - Grand Champion Bull Ekka 2008
Hamilton Park Cheesecake - Grand Champion Romagnola Female Ekka 2008
Matt & Anna Ahern, Romagnola Beef Genetics, Roma enjoyed one of their best shows ever taking out both the male and female Grand Champion awards at the 2008 Brisbane Exhibition.

Showing a team of 5 head, the young couple took out every class they competed in and won all but one of the broad ribbons possible in what could only be described as a dominant display in one of largest showings of Romagnola cattle ever seen at the Ekka.

Hamilton Park Zarina
Zarina reaches her Zenith

Grand Champion Romagnola cow of the Royal Brisbane Show, Hamilton Park Zarina has capped off a stella 2007 show season with her latest win at the Ekka.

Owned by Matt and Anna Ahern, Romagnola Beef Genetics, "Bulala" Roma, Zarina added to her supreme exhibit awards at Roma Interbeed and Theodore Feature shows to take the Grand Champion crown under the eye of noted Brahman breeder, Roger Jefferies, "Elrose" Cloncurry.