Beef Australia 2021



First things first! We know that we are lucky enough to have many international friends who keep in touch with our breeding program.

You may not know about Australia’s largest Beef exposition which is held in May every 3 years, at Rockhampton in central Queensland. We are lucky to only have to travel 6 hours north east to reach “Beef 2021” however there are nearly 2000 head of cattle from 30 breeds and exhibits from nearly all states of Australia.

So from the RBG perspective, we were very excited about our Beef 2021 team. It included:

Maude: Kimba/Agar breeding  with a bull calf at foot 4.5 years

Pascoe: Kimba/Agar (and Maude’s brother coincidently) 30 months

Preacher: Laser/Fletcher 29 months

Queen of Hearts: Laser/Fletcher 18 months

Quote: Maxim/Zivkovich 16 months

Remy: Maxim/Fletcher 13 months

Robert de Niro: Louboutin/Ergum 13 months

Fellow Romagnola breeder Peter Turner from Carrie Downs Romagnolas also exhibited and it was great to share the week with him.

The Interbreed Competition which follows on from the individual breed competition is so exciting. The grand champion bull, female and Breeders Group (group of 3 with both sexes represented and bred and shown by the exhibitor in their respective classes) enter the ring with the representatives from every breed. There are upwards of 3000 people looking on as a single judge places each class.

Our Breeders Group entered the ring first with Maude, Pascoe and Quote representing not only RBG but the Australian Romagnola breed. With nearly 30 all-breed representatives in the ring we were ecstatic to be pulled forward in the Top 10 by experienced judge Roger Evans from Nagol Park Shorthorns in NSW. We were then pulled forward into the Top 6 from which the winner was chosen. We were so proud of the breed and our team of 3 to be in the Top 6 in Australia. Such a special moment!

Then came Maude and calf who were up against 30 incredible Australia wide beef females. To be pulled forward into the Top 10 was such a feat for Maude who 3 years earlier had represented the breed as a young 18 month old pregnant with her first calf. Her bull calf at foot in 2021 was her 3rd and in seasons that were crippling graziers Australia-wide that was a feat in itself. Only 1 year before she had been on agistment 3 hours away from us at “Bulala”.

Bulls like Pascoe do not come often. He was special in every way. Due to Covid restrictions he was only shown twice. Once in an all-breed format one month before Beef 2021. Of the 200 head there Pascoe was Runner up All Breeds Male. At Beef 2021 he represented the Romagnola Breed as only he could. Firstly renowned Brahman breeder and Judge Brett Kinnon pulled him forward in the Top 10, then the Top 6 and then the Top 4. Pascoe was in the Top 4 bulls of all breeds in Australia and many astute judges thought we had it. 

This experience at Beef 2021 is exactly why we prepare and show our Romagnolas. People often ask why we do it. In Australia there are not many Romagnola breeders who show. There are a heck of a lot of Romagnola cross cattle walking the paddocks all around the country but you will see few in the show ring. That does not mean they don’t deserve to be there critically appraised by judges of all breeds. They should. And when they enter the showring many times they grab the judge and the onlookers attention. They are good cattle, we say great cattle and have earnt their stripes in the ring alongside all breeds.

Cheers to you Romagnolas!