Beef Australia 2024



RBG Stands tall on International stage

Runner-Up Interbreed Breeders Group.
Beef Australia 2024 

The dust, or in this year’s case mud, has settled on another Beef Australia. In this the 50th year of Romagnolas being in Australia, RBG has once again shown how our Romagnolas are a dominant force amongst Australian breeds.

For our international friends Australia’s largest Beef exposition is held in May every 3 years, at Rockhampton in central Queensland. We are lucky to only have to travel 6 hours north east to reach “Beef 2024” where there were nearly 2000 head of cattle from 28 breeds and exhibits from nearly all states of Australia. It certainly is the pinnacle of Beef stud cattle showing in Australia.

From the RBG perspective, we were very proud of our Beef 2024 team. It included:

Son of a Gun (AI): Winchester/Maxim breeding (28 months)

Sweetpea: Powderfinger/Fletcher breeding with a 5 month old Son of a Gun heifer calf at foot (32 months)

Stella: Pascoe/Laser breeding with 5 month old Zorro (AI) bull calf at foot (29 months)

Today Show: Powderfinger/Fletcher breeding and full brother to Sweetpea (20 months)

Theodore: Powderfinger/Fletcher breeding (20 months)

Trophy Wife: Peaky Blinders/Galliano breeding (18 months)

The Interbreed Competition which follows on from the individual breed competition is a spectacle of Stud Beef cattle.

The grand champion bull, female and Breeders Group (group of 3 with both sexes represented and bred and shown by the exhibitor in their respective classes) enter the ring with the representatives from every breed. Whilst the weather was very inclement and most of the 3 hours judging was completed in a drizzle, spectators watched on from centre ring and online as 3 noted Australian  judges reached a decision on each award.

Our Breeders Group entered the ring first with Sweetpea and Unique, Trophy Wife and Theodore representing not only RBG but the Australian Romagnola breed. With 28 all-breed representatives in the ring we were ecstatic to be pulled forward in the Top 7. We were then announced as the Runner Up Breeders Group to the Angus breed. We were so proud of  our RBG team of 4 to be in the Top 2 in Australia. Such a special moment for Matt, Anna and our Beef Week staff.

Then came Grand Champion Romagnola Female Sweetpea and her heifer calf Unique who were up against Australia’s 28 leading stud Beef females. To be pulled forward into the Top 5 by the judges for this Powderfinger/Fletcher daughter was a real testament to our current breeding program. This cross is featured very heavily in our sale bulls in 2024. To be recognised on such a giant stage means a lot to us and we encourage bull buyers to inspect these bulls when chosing your draft.

Theodore at just 20 months had stood ahead of a lot of senior bulls to be awarded Junior and Grand Champion Romagnola Bull. With a weight of 784kgs, and a fat scan of 8/11, his softness and outstanding structure made him an excellent representative for the breed in the Interbreed competition. 

Fellow Romagnola breeders Peter Turner from Carrie Downs Romagnolas and Harry and Denyss Alers, all the way from Quinbrook Romagnolas WA, also exhibited.

Showing cattle is a very small part of our RBG program. In fact most of this team had been to one show as a Junior or none. We do however place importance on the feedback we get not only from the Judges but the sideline judges as well. Critiquing our own cattle at home is one thing but seeing them compete at an Event the size of Beef is another. The feedback we received is that we are on the right track, we hold our own on the centre stage. Nothing is perfect however and we endeavour to bring you, our clients, a more consistent and quality line up of bulls each and every year. 

The genetics represented in our Show Team are all there in our Sale bulls as well. This year sees another 2 sires added to our RBG sire battery. This makes all bar one of our sires 5 years and under and is an assurance to you that we are continuing to develop our genetic strength and depth.

RBG Sweetpea - Grand Champion Romagnola and Interbreed Top 5 Female
RBG Theodore - Junior & Grand Champion Romagnola Bull