The Romagnola has special significance as a crossbreeding sire.

The heterosis generated by a well planned crossbreeding program gives a significant increase in productivity that cannot be ignored.

In northern Australia, the adaptive traits of our Bos Indicus based breeding cows are of basic importance. The type of sire we breed these cattle to, however, is what determines the performance, the market suitability and the profitability of their progeny.

There is no better choice for this than the Romagnola.

The Romagnola has the scale and structure to produce outstanding growth rates combined with the muscle and carcass qualities that suit the most discriminating modern beef markets.

The great advantage of the Romagnola over other European breeds is the Bos Indicus influence in its genetic makeup. This is evidenced by the grey coat, pigmented skin and the black pigmented, hooded eye. It is also evidenced by the vigorous constitution and the degree of resistance to cattle tick and buffalo fly that enables Romagnola bulls to be run with Brahman type cows with no extra care needed.

The Romagnola is also producing outstanding results when bred with British breeds in southern areas. Again this derives from the extra growth potential and carcass quality it transmits to the cross bred progeny. The Romagnola is renowned for producing a tender, fine-grained flavoursome product from carcasses that fit under the Meat Standards Australia grading scheme at an early age.

The versatility of the Romagnola breed allows store producers to create demand for their steers from backgrounders, feedlotters and bullock finishers.


Romagnola X Droughtmaster

Romagnola X Charolais/Murray Grey

Romagnola X Santa/Angus

Romagnola X Brahman


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