Elly-Mae at 12 years

Sire: Agar
Dam: B119C

Elly-Mae was selected as a show heifer from a very early age. Droughts and a classy older stablemate in Duchess meant that our reduced show team did not include her however we were not at all surprised that when crossed with the stylish Kimba her progeny would shine.

Elly, at 12 years literally looks half her age. We keep talking about longevity in our leading female’s pedigree but in order to produce 10 calves throughout all seasons means she is structurally and maternally spot on. Perfect udder, feet, legs and is back in calf the earliest she can be. Her mother was a beautiful Winchester daughter who injured herself at 12 after 10 standout calves.

Of Elly’s  10 calves only 3 have been females with all retained including Maude and her 12 month old Maxim daughter Sister Act.

Beef Australia 2018 and 2021 saw Elly’s progeny excel on the biggest stage there is in Australia.

In 2018 Maude, then 18 months, was sashed Grand Champion Romagnola female and was part of the Top 10 Breeder’s Group. She replicated this championship feat at the Brisbane Royal months later and together with her paternal half brother Morton stood in the Top 10 all Breeds pair.

Maude and her full brother Pascoe led our 2021 Beef Australia team. They were:

  • Sashed Grand Champion Romagnola Bull and Female
  • Were part of our Breeders Group of 3 which stood  Top 6 of all Breed’s Groups
  • Maude and calf stood Top 10 Beef Female of all breeds 
  • Pascoe stood Top 4 Beef Bull of all breeds

Elly progeny are exactly what we strive to produce here at RBG a combination of  functionality, longevity and style.

It does not matter whether you are offering up a line of steers at your local store sale, replacement heifers on Auctionsplus or being judged at the National Beef exposition, style and substance will pay every time. 

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Pascoe - Beef Australia Grand Champion Bull
Maude and Calf - Beef Australia Grand Champion Female
Tucker - Sold to Julia Creek
Pascoe and Anna - Beef Australia 2021