Sire: Remus Utah
Dam: V102B

Joni Mitchell once sang  “You don’t know what you have got till it’s gone”.

That truly  resonates for us with old Z74C. For 13 years she came up the crush for pregnancy testing having just weaned a thumping big quality calf and was always “heavy pregnant”.

She was her own lady, just did her thing and did it well. As the picture shows she was unremarkable though structurally correct with a  great udder and heaps of milk. Maybe her intelligent and strong yet feminine face should have given away how truly remarkable she would be for us.

She passed away here at Bulala late in 2018 not long after this photo was taken. Of her 13 calves:

7 females were retained with all still in the herd bar the two oldest who were CFA at 12.5 and 11.5 years. They have contributed 44 Z74C grandchildren to our herd. An incredible feat which highlights her incredible longevity and quality. The seasons those females have contended with have been harsh far more often than not. Each and everyone is a gem.

5 Bulls of which 4 were sold as sires and Fairfax who was retained for RBG duties and 1 steer.

Mrs Nogg, as she was named after her daughter Eggnog joined the show team, is in the pedigree of so many of our top calves each year. Jimmy Choo and our RBG sires Peaky Blinders and Louboutin are grandsons. Lola, Harlow and many of the 3rd and 4th calf heifers have already risen to the top.

We know now that Mrs Nogg is one of the finest Romagnola breeding females in the world. If you are chasing a sire, find her in the pedigree.

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Eggnog - Z74C daughter
H808P - Z74c son