Marbling 1
Tenderness 6
Feed Efficiency 7

Sire: Italia Padrone
Dam: Romulus Larissa

We can not say enough about Winchester. His bulls were long, soft and classy and his females are outstanding. He is represented in our herd by grandaughters and on now however these are consistently high performing mums with perfect udders, loads of milk and low DCI.

As the leading son of Padrone, Winchester combines the best of maternal and carcass traits. His mother, Larissa had her 11th natural calf at the age of 13 years. All have been retained for breeding and have had a major impact on our herd.

Winchester won the prestigious Brisbane Royal National Show Grand Champion title in 2004 with many cattlemen describing him as the most “complete Romagnola bull” they have seen.

We have used Winchester in recent AI programs for his fuss-free genetics, length, muscularity and maternal traits.

Winchester is no longer with us however his impact on our herd has been immense. Son of a Gun, from our show cow Quote, has been retained for in-herd use in 2023.

Age: 31 months
Weight: 1184 kg
ADG: 1.19 kg/day
EMA: 143 cm
Rump Fat: 8 mm
Rib Fat: 8 mm

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